UPD Beat: Student Scammed of $800 from Fake Department Chair Email

Jenna Hackeman, Staff Writer

A male student called UPD on Sept. 23 to report he was lost in the nature trail on FGCU Boulevard, and an officer entered the nature trail where the student’s car was found. The call disconnected when the male student dropped his phone in water while on the line with UPD. The male student was located after making it out of the trail near the aquatics center and made it back to his vehicle.

An officer was requested Sept. 26 when a student advised UPD of verbal threats they were receiving from an individual. UPD spoke to housing about a possible room change, and then advised the students they were aware of the situation and would take care of it when Hurricane Ian was over. The individual was located in Miami and was not a present threat to physical harm, according to the report.

Two calls were made to UPD on Sept. 29 reporting a fallen tree blocking the roadway. A UPD officer monitored traffic while a firetruck arrived to take care of the tree.

A UPD officer asked a male individual to leave campus Sept. 30 for attempting to climb a wall outside Whitaker Hall on a BMX bike. According to the report, the individual had no affiliation with FGCU.

On Oct. 6, a female student called UPD to report a scam she had been involved in. The student told UPD she thought her department chair had sent her an email requesting $800 in Apple gift cards. The student purchased and sent the gift cards, and later called UPD when she found out the chair hadn’t sent the email and she had been scammed. According to the report, the female student didn’t have any information to document the incident.