UPD Beat: Student finds Knife and Letter Outside Her Door

Jenna Hackeman, Staff Writer

On Oct. 10, a female student called UPD to report a knife attached to a letter that was left at her doorstep. The female student told UPD that the female individual, who left the knife and note, had also sent her messages that concerned her. The female student told UPD that the note was not threatening but the knife concerned her. UPD attempted to give the female individual a card and information for CAPS, but she refused. The female individual told UPD she put the knife at the female student’s door because she had just finished opening up food prior to leaving the note.  

A call was made to UPD on Oct. 11 about an elderly woman who was walking down the middle of the road and seemed disoriented. According to the report, the woman’s daughter came and left with her mother after UPD contacted her. Another call was made later that day to report the same elderly woman wandering around the bus loop. UPD again made contact with the woman’s daughter, who met with officers and called an Uber to Miami for her mother and her.  

A female student was eating at SoVi dining with her friends on Oct. 13 when a male individual took her dorm key off her key ring. According to the report, the female student confronted the male individual, but he denied taking anything from her. The student spoke to housing but told UPD she was concerned about the situation. 

UPD received a call on Oct. 14 concerning a male student yelling and crying while banging on doors in North Lake Village. According to the report, a verbal dispute between a couple broke out when the girlfriend refused to let the boyfriend sleep over at her dorm. The dispute was not physical, and the boyfriend left willingly and was driven home by a friend.