UPD Beat: Student Reports Suspicious Conversation About a Gun, Individual Unknown

Jenna Hackeman, Staff Writer

UPD received calls from multiple individuals on Oct. 14 in reference to a male individual yelling at them. According to the report, the male individual was threatening them and himself because they were being too loud. The individuals who made the call relocated to the Ackert Center because they felt unsafe where they were. An officer made contact with the male individual and reported he did not fit the conditions to be Baker Acted. The officer let housing know about the incident, who will follow up with a care and concern report.  

On Oct. 17, a UPD officer was driving back from a traffic crash he was dispatched to. When the officer was driving back on Alico and 75, he came across another traffic crash. LCSO was called and the officer assisted with traffic until additional units responded.  

UPD received a Rave Alert Oct. 19 in reference to an individual talking on the phone. According to the report, the individual mentioned doing something between 5:30 and 6:30, and then mentioned the word gun. UPD officers went to Griffin Hall where cameras showed the individual entering the building. According to the report, the officers were unable to identify the individual.  

UPD received a call Oct. 20 reporting an individual yelling “help” and banging on a door somewhere outside Mangrove Hall. According to the report, the yelling had stopped by the time the student called UPD. An officer arrived to search the area but nobody matching the description was found.