UPD Beat: Fire Extinguisher Thrown Through Campus Housing Window

Jenna Hackeman, Staff Writer

On Oct. 22, male student reported to UPD that he had cashed three checks for approximately $4900 for an unknown individual. According to the report, after the money was taken from the accounts, the male student was promised money while talking with four different individuals on the “Grindr” app. The male student has attempted to contact the fraud department of Suncoast Credit Union. 

Upper Management of Housing met with UPD on Oct. 24 at 8 a.m. and provided a sworn statement and camera footage related to an incident where a window had been broken out. According to the report, the sworn statement was signed and the camera footage was sent to a UPD officer over email. According to the report, UPD was following up on a tip on the person who came in and admitted to throwing a fire extinguisher through a window. 

On Oct. 26, a female student reported that around 11 p.m. on Oct. 25, an individual was waiting outside her dorm and ran off when she came outside. The female individual requested an officer come and file a report on the incident. 

A report was made Oct. 28 stating there was a 23-year-old male having a seizure. An individual told two officers on scene the male individual fell to the floor while playing soccer and started seizing, but gained consciousness shortly before they arrived. The male individual was transported to Lee Health Coconut Point by medics.  

On Oct. 28, a female student reported that an unknown individual sent her a message on the anonymous social media app “YikYak” and told her to look outside. According to the report, an unidentified individual then ran past the female student’s third story bedroom window. The female student told UPD the messages were not saved and the incident occurred 4 hours prior to the report. UPD advised the female student to call them immediately the next time she sees someone outside and to save future messages between her and the unknown individual. 

A crash report was made Oct. 28 stating there had been a been a crash including multiple vehicles at the entrance of North Lake Village. According to the report, a towing company came to recover the vehicles and an individual involved in the crash was transported to a Gulf Coast hospital, specific location is unknown.