UPD Beat: Drunk Driver Hits Pedestrian on Campus

Jenna Hackeman, Staff Writer

There was a crash between two vehicles on Oct. 28. An officer stood by since the two vehicles were blocking traffic. The vehicles were moved out of the roadway and traffic was cleared, according to the report.    

A UPD officer started a traffic stop Oct. 30 on a vehicle for driving the wrong way on FGCU S. Bridge Loop. The driver attempted to drive off and ended up in the Recreation and Wellness Center where they crashed the vehicle and hit a pedestrian, according to the report. The driver, who was intoxicated, was arrested by officers and taken to Lee County Jail. The pedestrian hit by the vehicle was taken to Lee Memorial Hospital. Officers issued a zero-tolerance crash report and dropped off paperwork to the driver at Lee County Jail.  

An officer stated he was helping LCSO disperse a crowd that had gathered at University Village on Nov. 1. According to the officer notes in the report, additional units were requested for the large crowd, who were engaging in physical altercation and throwing objects. The crowd dispersed on foot and by vehicle upon arrival of officers.  

A report was filed Nov. 2 regarding a male individual stating someone was harassing him. According to the report, the male individual told UPD that his estranged girlfriend and her friend had been harassing him through a number of inappropriate text messages. The male student expressed his concerns of the situation escalating and wanted it to be documented by UPD. The male student did not want UPD to contact the subjects and only wanted it to be reported, and officers told him to contact UPD if the problem persists.