UPD Beat: Driver Caught Defacing Political Signage

Jenna Hackeman, Staff Writer

A report was made Nov. 6 about a driver defacing political signs on Ben Hill Griffin Parkway. The officer that arrived on scene, advised the individual who called where to place new political signs. The officer reported a driver in a blue van with an American flag sticker who started to yell at officers while they were driving away. 

A vehicle hit a pedestrian on FGCU Boulevard Nov. 7. The driver told UPD he did not see the pedestrian due to overgrown vegetation. The driver and pedestrian were taken to Student Health Services, who determined the sideswipe caused minor injuries to the pedestrian’s right arm and right ankle. Information was exchanged between the two parties and a crash report was completed. 

On Nov. 8, UPD received a call in reference to two people stuck in the Cohen Student Union elevator. According to the report, the emergency button in the elevator would not work to call for emergency dispatch. An officer advised the elevator door was slightly ajar and was able to escort the two individuals out of the elevator safely. 

The president of the FGCU car club made a report with UPD on Nov. 8 advising that non-car club members were causing issues and doing burnouts on the top of FGCU Parking Garage 1. The car club president said that the people causing issues were leaving the top floor of the parking garage while revving their engines. Officers on scene witnessed multiple vehicles upon arrival exiting the parking garage, with two vehicles revving engines and speeding down to the third floor of the garage. Officers stopped the vehicles and advised them of driving rules in parking garages.