UPD Beat: Serial North Lake Village Car Break-ins

Jenna Hackeman, Staff Writer

A report was filed with UPD Nov. 21 concerning a physical altercation off campus in Coastal Village. According to the report, someone wearing a dark red jacket and jeans choked a woman and took items out of her vehicle. The report was turned over to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

On Nov. 21, UPD received a call concerning three men at the Recreation and Wellness Center who were threatening to fight students and were attempting to get physical. According to the report, the three would not leave and were not affiliated with the school. 

A female student told UPD on Nov. 22 that someone had slashed the tires to her vehicle parked behind Mangrove in North Lake Village, according to the report. An officer tried to inflate the tires but was unsuccessful due to puncture holes. A supplemental report was filed to document the event. 

UPD received a call on Nov. 23 from someone stating that an employee received a scam email that caused their bank account information to be updated and sent to a fraudulent account. According to the report, the university reimbursed the employee and called UPD to have a report filed to document the incident.  

A female student called UPD on Nov. 24 and stated that there was an older man on his laptop in Laundry Room 4 in NLV. According to the report, she stated the older man tried to get her attention when she left but she did not turn back to answer him. She left the area and reported the incident to UPD because she thought the situation was suspicious. According to the report, the older man told UPD he came to the university to purchase a motorcycle and was waiting on a student he spoke with to complete the transaction. The man called an Uber to leave the campus.  

A male student filed a battery report with UPD on Nov. 26 that took place at the North Lake Village Basketball Courts. According to the report, the male student said he was grabbed by the throat and shoved to the ground during a basketball game. He had a brief description of the individual but had no further information on who it was. He did not wish to prosecute; however, a report will be conducted on the incident. 

On Nov. 28, a student requested an officer to assist with a campus preacher that was blocking the door to the advising office. An officer made contact with the preacher and asked him to relocate. 

A female student reported to UPD Dec. 1 that her car had been broken into while parked in North Lake Village. According to the report, the inside belongings were scattered throughout the vehicle and the vehicle smelt like marijuana. She reported that no belongings were taken. UPD filed a burglary report following the incident. 

On Dec. 1, a female student called to report someone got into her vehicle parked in North Lake Village and emptied out her purse. According to the report, no belongings were taken and she didn’t wish to prosecute. UPD officers canvassed the area for any other vehicles that appeared to be broken into and reported no other vehicles appeared to have been entered.