UPD Beat: Driver Hits UPD Car After Getting Caught Engaging in Sexual Activity

Jenna Hackeman, Staff Writer

Multiple calls were made to UPD on Dec. 7 regarding a male laying in the middle of the road near the Bower School of Music & the Arts. According to the report, the officer on scene said he was disoriented, conscious and breathing. He was then transported to Coconut Point Hospital.

On Dec. 8, an officer stated that a blue minivan backed into his car and drove away. According to the report, the van was found parked in a handicap spot in front of Building H. When checking for a permit, the officer observed a male in the driver’s seat and a female half-dressed with her head in the male individual’s lap, according to the report. The officer asked them to dress and open the window. The male then panicked and began to back the vehicle up, causing the blue minivan to come in contact with the UPD vehicle and leave minor damage. The blue minivan then fled through the grassy area in the rear of Building I and J. A canvas was conducted but the blue minivan was not located.

An officer was requested Dec. 11 to assist in a possible bias incident at Osprey Hall. According to the report, the RA had discovered racial slurs and an explicit drawing written on a whiteboard attached to an apartment door. The report stated it’s unknown when the incident occurred and if anyone was home at the time. An officer made contact with the residents of the room, all were caucasian and stated they’ve had multiple obscenities written on the whiteboard throughout the semester and did not know who was writing it, only that they would erase it when they would see it.

UPD received a report on Dec. 12 regarding a male student stating that someone threw an unknown object through his window. According to the report, the male student stated he did not see anyone and was hiding in his closet due to fear. UPD officers discovered it was a rock that had broken his window.