UPD Beat: Alleged Road Rage Incident Involving a Firearm on FGCU South Bridge Loop

Jenna Hackeman, Staff Writer

On Dec. 12, UPD received a call reporting a male student who was using foul language and throwing his belongings while storming down the stairs in McTarnaghan Hall. According to the report, he had been turned away from a testing session because the name on his driver’s license didn’t match the name on his test. An officer made contact with him and he told the officer he will be contacting the caller to apologize for his behavior.

UPD received a call on Dec. 19 concerning a mover at Howard Hall wearing a hoodie with the word “Loser” on it. According to the report, the caller was offended and wanted an officer to do something about it. The officer explained to the caller the mover had a legal right to wear the shirt and that it was not a crime.

An individual called UPD on Dec. 21 stating there was a turtle in Parking Garage 1 who appeared to be in distress. An officer relocated the turtle to a grassy area and reported it did not appear to be in distress at the time of the report.

A female student living in North Lake Village called UPD on Dec. 21 to report that “when she entered her restroom, a used condom was in the restroom,” according to the report. She was requesting an officer because no one had been in the apartment. An officer arrived and completed an informational report.

A caller reported to UPD on Dec. 21 that his girlfriend was involved in a road rage incident on FGCU South Bridge Loop and the other vehicle possibly fired a gunshot in her direction. The caller reported that his girlfriend had a dashcam video of the incident. Officers canvassed the area for the vehicle matching the description of a silver pickup truck and found a vehicle matching the description in Parking Garage B. Officers attempted to make contact with the driver of the vehicle and searched the FGCU Bridge Loop for possible evidence. The computer-aided dispatch (CAD) event was reopened twice the following day.

UPD was notified of the power in West Lake Village going out on Jan. 1. Maintenance had been contacted and FPL will be looking into why the power went out. The caller’s supervisor will be giving UPD updates on the status of the situation.

A male student’s father contacted UPD on Jan. 3 to inform them his son was possibly being extorted due to nude photos he sent to an unknown individual, according to the report. The individual was reportedly not affiliated with the university and was attempting to post the photos on one of FGCU’s websites. UPD contacted the father to get a location so it can be contacted to see if photos can be removed. The male student’s father stated the situation had been going on for approximately two years and that he would call back with information, according to the report.