UPD Beat: Cat Trapped in Vehicle Overnight

Jenna Hackeman, Staff Writer

A female student called UPD March 4 due to feeling unsafe with her ex-boyfriend living in the dorm next door to hers and that he had been acting aggressively towards her. The female student’s roommate gave UPD a witness statement of the male student’s alleged behavior. An officer told the female student to contact UPD if she had any further interactions and an officer proceeded to make contact with the male student. According to the report, the male student stated he was not acting aggressively toward the female student and was taking a walk. The female student spoke to an officer about obtaining a restraining order. An officer collected a sworn statement from the event, according to the report.  

On March 4, a student in Everglades reported a cat that appeared to be alone in a vehicle since the night before. An officer made contact with the cat’s owner and confirmed the cat had only been in the vehicle momentarily, according to the report. The officer reported that the cat appeared to be in good health.  

A female student contacted UPD on March 4 and reported that she had let a male individual borrow her vehicle that morning and could not get into contact with him. The female student told UPD the male individual had a key to the vehicle and she had lent the vehicle to him over five times in the past, according to the report. The female student informed UPD that she wished to follow through with a report. An officer contacted the male individual who stated he was coming back to campus to return the vehicle.  

An alligator was reported to be in front of the doors of SoVi Dining Hall on March 5. Officers were unable to find the animal, according to the report. 

UPD received an anonymous complaint from a female student March 6 regarding a suspicious male individual at the Wilson G. Bradshaw Library on campus. According to the report, the male individual was walking in circles on the second floor when he asked the female student if he could sit next to her. The female student declined and the male individual proceeded to sit directly behind her towards her buttocks. The female student relocated to the third floor and was again approached by the male individual who proceeded to sit next to her, according to the report. The female student left to report the incident to UPD and two officers searched the library but were unable to locate the male individual. 

A female student requested an officer on March 11 after two vehicles with a group of young men tried flagging her near the Recreation Field. According to the report, the vehicles had left the area and the officer was unable to make contact with them.  

A female student came to UPD on March 15 to report her ex-boyfriend harassing her through her work phone and social media. The female student told UPD she had blocked the male individual from all forms of contact, as well as changed her passwords and phone number. According to the report, the male individual had multiple injunctions out of Miami Dade County from multiple different people. The female student was given information from UPD on how to obtain an injunction.  

On March 16, a male student told UPD that an individual hacked into his phone and was threatening to release pictures and information of the male student unless he sent them money. The male student told UPD that he had been sending the individual money and no longer had any funds. The male student completed a sworn statement and prosecution declaration with UPD, and an officer advised the male student to block the suspect and discontinue all contact with them.