UPD Beat: Gun Found in Bag at the SoVi Rec Center 

Hayley Lemery, Assignment & Features Editor

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office was advised on March 21 about a black male threatening North Lake Village residents with weapons. According to the UPD report, the individual said he is affiliated with the “bloods.” UPD didn’t see any weapons and told the male to leave campus.

On March 22, a student went to UPD about possible extortion via phone. The complainant received an explicit image and is unable to determine the age of the subject. The complainant didn’t send any money and UPD determined there was no crime at this time.

UPD was advised on March 22 about a raccoon on a porch near the Cohen Student Union. UPD requested a grounds person to assist the situation. The racoon then jumped out of the gutter and ran into the woods.

On March 23, a complainant called UPD about two individuals that were drinking and smoking in South Village Parking Garage B. The complainant said she overheard one of the individuals saying they were going to be drunk driving and she didn’t want them to get hurt.

An individual contacted UPD about a dog inside a car on FGCU South Bridge Loop on March 25. UPD made contact with the owner and determined the dog wasn’t in distress because the air conditioning was on.

A student reported his vehicle stolen from West Lake Village (WLV) on March 27. The administrator on call retrieved video footage of the vehicle leaving WLV at 11:30 p.m. the night before by an unknown individual. A bolo was requested through the LCSO. UPD checked in with the student about the situation on March 29. It’s unknown if the vehicle has been found.

On March 28, a SoVi Recreation and Wellness Center employee called UPD about a bag found with a gun inside. A male was brought back to UPD and then taken to University Village. The subject was dropped off at residence with his belongings and was issued a Notice to Appear.