UPD Beat: Bag Filled With $11k Found At Bradshaw Library

Hayley Lemery, Assignment & Features Editor

UPD was called on April 2 about a homeless white male attempting to get into the WLV Clubhouse. According to the report, when the man was spotted by the complainant, he dropped a plastic bag containing metallic objects and ran towards the back of WLV. UPD canvassed the area and clubhouse. The subject was identified as a student and resident of Panther and said he was looking for a place to throw out compost and did not have a plastic bag.

On April 3, a complainant called UPD stating there’s a snake in the Aquatics Centers pool. The subject believes it was a water moccasin. UPD retrieved snake tools and captured the snake, relocating it to the wild.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office advised UPD on April 3 about a call of a past occurrence of harassment. In the officer notes, the complainant said he has had argumentative contact with the campus preacher for over a year. The complainants “believes the subjects contacts constitute sexual harassment, no physical contact made at any time.” UPD explained that the preacher is allowed to express freedom of speech and that he makes reservations to be there. UPD said the individual can contact Campus Reservations or file a complaint with LCSO.

UPD was called on April 6 and stated that “students have told her that there is a possible homeless person possibly staying overnight in the hammocks. She said students have seen him with a blanket and [rattling] the doors.” UPD talked to multiple individuals that stated they saw the man. One individual stated the subject is a black male. The subject was located on cameras on April 6 at 1:43 a.m. and a photo was placed in the case file.

A staff member called UPD on April 7 to report a backpack found at the campus library with items including cash. The owner was contacted and said he would collect the bag that night. According to the report, it was a total of $11,146 in cash and uncashed checks.

Multiple calls were made on April 11 about a suitcase in Marieb Hall with wires sticking out of it. UPD confirmed it was medical equipment and an informational report was completed.

UPD was advised on April 11 about 4 male students at the top of the South Village Parking Garage B. The students were shining lights in operating vehicles. UPD canvassed the garage. It’s unknown if the students were contacted.

On April 12, a threat towards FGCU was posted on Twitter. The subject was detained and taken to the Lee County jail. Another Eagle News story details the information: here.

Multiple complainants called UPD on April 12 about a white van with cameras near Everglades Hall. UPD advised it was an unmarked news channel’s vehicle.